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plug play pods.Plug Play vape pen have top of the line cannabis oil that is lab tested and proven to be clean.The technology behind this vape battery and pod system allows the THC oil to reach its full potential.You’ll see that many online reviews will agree with our good ranking but let’s take a look at the details first.I am lucky to live in California where these prefilled pod cartridges are available and I tried out 8 different strains.This vape pen battery size is not as compact as others, but that’s because it can hold more power. Battery size is more than double the size of its competitor Stiiizy (210 mAh) at 500 mAh.I was able to regularly vape for a couple of days before the battery died and I had to recharge.The Plug and Play vape pen cartridges is charged by a micro USB cable and you will have it fully charged in less than an vape cartridges in bulk.This pod system from Plug Play uses ceramic to adequately vape its THC oil content. Plug Play pods can also be refilled with distillate oil. I successfully refilled a pod with PURE distillate oil. After trying to refill it for a second time, the hits were not as good .Plug play pods is proud to debut their distillate oil cartridges and sleek magnetic batteries. Patients and 710 enthusiasts no longer have to choose between premium oil and a high-quality battery. Not only does Plug play pods supply a battery that stands out among vapes, but their extraction artists are dedicated to crafting premium distillate concentrates. Plug is the premium distillate vape cartridge offered in their DNA and Exotic lines and Play is the battery that makes easy access to euphoria and wellness possible. Most importantly, Plug-play’s pods mission is to be the bridge to acceptance. Their team aims to connect with those curious about the benefits of cannabis through education and their discreet, best-in-class products. Buy Plug Play Pods online from today! CBD OIL

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