Gold Leaf*** Seeds (Fem)


Gold Leaf*** Seeds (Fem)


  • Indoor, Outdoor, Medical


Gold Leaf Strain Seeds

Gold leaf strain seeds.It is an indica dominant strain and features a unique and pungent aroma you quickly come to love. Gold Leaf Strain is also great to grow both indoor and out and produces powerful buds you’ll love.

Gold Leaf may be a 65% Indica dominant strain with a 35% Sativa influence. Robert Bergman’s own special blend which has created a tall, heavy yielding plant with a THC power-packed punch.Buy Gold Leaf feminized Seeds online

A fabulous Marijuana strain for outdoor growers where the plants can grow to their full potential of between 100 cm – 225 cm tall, as well as being a great strain for growing indoors using the Screen – Of – Green technique or other height reducing, yield increasing, super – cropping techniques. GoldLeaf Seed

The Sativa biological science in gold foil turn out the stretch throughout the first stages of flowering, resulting in tall, swollen cola’s with a yellow, orange and gold coloring and pungent smell.Buy Gold Leaf feminized Seeds online

Yields are high, between 450 – 650 grams per square meter, with a flowering time of approximately 63 days, or 8 weeks.

Gold Leaf has an extremely high THC content, approximately 21%, which leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric, relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Where to Buy Gold Leaf feminized Seeds online 

Bergman’s own strain! Smooth smoke, pungent smell wont to facilitate with: sleep disorder, Anxiety, Stress, ADD/ADHD Smoking effects Bergman’s own, Gold Leaf*** can leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric . Buy Gold Leaf seeds This smooth smoker has a pungent smell like none other. Plant feature Massive cola’s, tall grower, very high in THC, Gold Leaf*** has it all!.Buy Gold Leaf feminized Seeds
Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 40% – 60% Indica dominant
THC Level Very high at 21%
CBD (Medical) High
Height Tall (100/225 cm – 39″/89″)
Yield Very high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/11ft²)
Flowering period Average (63 days)
Climate Sunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

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