Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags



Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags


  • The Cannabis Infused Tea Bags are designed to soothe the body slightly, have a lovely taste and make for a great gift.


Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags Online

Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags online.If you have a hard time getting your medication in its original form and don’t want to eat candy, baked goods or smoke, then a Cannabis Infused Peppermint Tea Bag is a great alternative! Sip on this while at the office, throughout the day or before bedtime. The subtle earthy taste of our Cannabis pairs nicely with a strong peppermint lose leaf tea. This bud has been activated for your convenience. These are perfect for those who need a mild dose and like the soothing effects associated with consuming smaller amounts. THC is not water soluble, so they’re not designed to be a strong form of medication like our other options are. The Cannabis Infused Tea Bags are designed to soothe the body slightly, have a lovely taste and make for a great gift. To achieve a stronger result, add a form of fat to your tea as it is a binding agent with Cannabis. For example, add some coconut milk to your tea, or even better, a teaspoon of our amazing Cannabis Coconut Oil.

The quest for a good night’s sleep is one of the main factors motivating older adults to try a cannabis product. Insomnia, along with pain and anxiety, is one of the triumvirate of conditions that adults over 55 most commonly cite as the reason they use marijuana.

Of the many possible forms of ingestion, drinking a cup of cannabis tea before bedtime can be an attractive nightcap option. In our post-Farm Bill world, a plethora of hemp-derived CBD teas are now available in stores and on line. But for those who are not THC-phobic and open to experiencing the full spectrum of what the cannabis plant can offer, there are a number of cannabis tea options to consider.

Cannabis Peppermint Tea with THC

In adult-use cannabis-legal states, sleep-promoting cannabis teas can readily be found on dispensary shelves. Out of Colorado, Still-water’s Mellow Mint Tea combines organic peppermint tea with 10 mg CBD and .5 mg THC in a recyclable tea stick, promising that you will “sleep like the dead, (in a good way)

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