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Bubblegum Seeds (Fem)


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Bubblegum Seeds For Sale Online

Bubblegum Seeds For Sale Online.Legendary for its bubblegum sweet smell and euphoric high. Bubble Gum grows into a medium tall plant, usually not too branchy (sometimes tall) and produces compact, crystal covered buds. Plants grown from seeds are very similar to one another. Originally the Bubblegum strain was developed by growers in Indiana, USA.

Bubblegum seeds feminized.Bubblegum was developed by an American in the late 1990’s. Via New England (U.S.A.) the seeds then ended up at two Dutch seed banks that in turn started working with the genetics. These genetics were eventually stabilized by two Dutch seed companies, after which a beautiful type of weed was born: “The Bubblegum”. A true prize winner. The Bubblegum won no less than three times the High Times Cannabis Cup (1994, 1995 and 1999). Finally, this type of weed was proclaimed as a type of weed of the year by Soft Secrets in 2006. This is probably enough reason to buy Bubblegum feminized seeds and get started.

Bubblegum strain flowering time

With a fairly short flowering time of up to 8 – 9 weeks, a medium-sized cannabis plant of 50 to 80 cm high will develop. During the growth, the Indica characteristics of these cannabis seeds are clearly present. For example, the plant thrives well when the temperature is constant and when over-fertilization is avoided. Because the buds can become very heavy and will also grow on the side branches some growers will choose to support the plant where necessary. In this way growers prevent precious branches to break.

The taste, effect and smell of Bubblegum weed seed for sale online

As you would probably expect, the taste and smell of this weed is deliciously sweet and reminds you of the pink bubble gum. The high THC content ensures an intense high that you will certainly appreciate.

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 50% – 50%
THC Level High at 17%
CBD (Medical) Medium
Height Compact (50/80 cm – 20″/32″)
Yield High (450 gr/m² – 16 oz/11ft²)
Flowering period Average (64 days)
Climate Average / land climate
Good for Indoor, Medical

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